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Need the best conclusion starters for your essays and research papers? Have a look at this blog and learn how to write a powerful conclusion using a suitable conclusion starter.

A conclusion shows that you are wrapping up a paragraph or the whole piece of your writing. In general, a good conclusion can change the perspectives of the readers when they approach the end of your work. So, in order to turn your work more impactful, firstly you should understand the right way of writing your conclusion. Basically, by using appropriate conclusion starters, valid summary points, and strong closing sentences you can make your conclusion more persuasive. If you have no idea about how to compose a conclusion using the ideal conclusion starters, then continue reading this blog post.

An Overview of Conclusion Starters

A conclusion is the final paragraph of a piece of writing that will indicate to the readers that they are at the end. It is one of the important sections that are mainly written to summarize the content of the entire essay or research paper.

Note that, the conclusion you write would be considered good only if it gives a clear picture of your entire work by highlighting the major points and evidence supporting your arguments. Also, it should help your readers to remember the strengths of your work. In case, you write a blog post, your conclusion section should be powerful enough to motivate the readers to leave their comments or subscribe to your account.

Usually, when it comes to writing an academic paper, many writers will fail to include a conclusion paragraph. If you close your essay in a hurry-burry without a concluding paragraph, then chances are there for your readers to easily forget the points you have discussed in your writing. So, to let your key points get stored in your reader’s mind, write a strong conclusion paragraph.

At times, your target readers may regret reading your work, if your concluding statement is poor. Therefore, whenever you compose your conclusion, make sure to follow the necessary tips and steps for writing a good conclusion.

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How to write a conclusion paragraph?

Generally, to write a research paper and essay, a standard format should be followed. Likewise, for writing a conclusion paragraph, you should also stick to a specific format.

The following are the significant elements that should be included in a conclusion paragraph.

  • A good conclusion starter
  • Summary
  • A closing sentence

If you want to come up with a good conclusion, then this is what you should do.

  1. Firstly, begin writing your conclusion paragraph with a perfect conclusion starter. A conclusion sentence starter is a word or a phrase that gives a sense of closure to the readers.
  2. After including that, summarize all the major points that you have discussed in the introduction and body of your work.
  3. Finally, end the paragraph with a closing sentence. Your closing sentence can be a call to action, suggestions, quotes, or any other impressive final words.

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Tips for Writing a Good Conclusion

Listed below are a few key tips you should remember while crafting the concluding paragraph.

  • Avoid introducing a new idea or topic that was not discussed in the introduction or body paragraphs of your writing.
  • Don’t emphasize less important points in the conclusion section.
  • Always highlight only the major points or ideas that would like to share with your readers.
  • The concluding statement should be highly influential and it should leave an impression on the minds of your readers. In simple, it should be memorable.
  • In order to create an impact, it is good to provide valid suggestions to your readers in the conclusion paragraph.
  • For engaging the audience, you can ask provocative questions relevant to the main theme of your academic paper. Also, you can use any questions, call to action, or warning in the conclusion.

Conclusion Starters- An Overview

What are the conclusion starters? A word or phrase in the opening sentence of a concluding paragraph is referred to as a conclusion starter. It is a kind of transition word or phrase that mostly acts as a link between the body paragraphs and the conclusion section. Often, it is used to inform the readers they are at the end of the writing.

In the English language, there are numerous conclusion sentence starters available. According to your type of academic writing, you can select any apt conclusion sentence starter. In general, the conclusion starter words will be the same for argumentative essays, narrative essays, compare and contrast essays, and descriptive essays, but the conclusion sentence would be different.

Features of a Good Conclusion Starter

Remember, the conclusion starter that you use in your concluding paragraph should possess the below-mentioned characteristics.

  • Make use of only a few words to introduce the starting sentence of the conclusion paragraph.
  • Ensure to notify the audience that you are approaching the end of your work.
  • Inform the audience that there is nothing new that they would find in the conclusion section.
  • Create expectations among the readers that they are reaching the end of their work.

List of Words to make your conclusion effective

Are you struggling to write a conclusion starter? Below are a few important words that can make your conclusion impressive.

  1. Lastly
  2. Therefore
  3. Hence
  4. Finally
  5. Thus
  6. As expressed
  7. In general
  8. In conclusion
  9. For this reason

Conclusion Starters Ideas

Don’t rush here and there, just focus on the list of conclusion starter words given below.

  1. Clearly
  2. Given these points
  3. All aspects considered
  4. I think there is no option but to conclude
  5. In drawing to the closure
  6. Nevertheless
  7. Overall
  8. Now that we know
  9. Ultimately
  10. To sum up
  11. As per my opinion
  12. Generally
  13. The logical conclusion seems to be
  14. With all these in mind
  15. Considering the perspective of
  16. There is nothing else we can conclude but
  17. When faced with the question of
  18. On exploring the situation from different angles it can be concluded
  19. Thus, it can be restarted
  20. On considering the different facts presented in this work

Conclusion Starters for Research Papers

Generally, in aresearch paper, the conclusion sentence starter should have a call to action statement for exploring the topic further. Also, the tone of this part should be formal because the readers need a further understanding of the subject. In case, you are working on a research paper, then consider using any of the following conclusion starters in your closing paragraph.

  1. As expected, the results signify
  2. Due to the result
  3. Since the data indicate
  4. Based on the evidence presented
  5. As per the data, it can be indicated
  6. In the light of these findings
  7. The data reveals
  8. The significant revelations made by the study
  9. To assume from the data
  10. The result of this research showcases
  11. Unexpectedly the data revealed
  12. What the study reveals is
  13. While further research is required
  14. On reviewing these findings it can be stated
  15. As per the final analysis
  16. In the context of the concept
  17. From the above-determined results, it seems
  18. While further research is competent

Conclusion Starters for less formal papers

Here, find a few more conclusion sentence starters for less formal papers.

  1. As I observe things
  2. After all, has been told and done
  3. At the end of the day
  4. In a nutshell
  5. As per my perspective
  6. No one could have assumed that
  7. To make a long story short
  8. As the time comes to wrap up
  9. To reach the core of the heart.
  10. On the whole
  11. In a simple language

Conclusion Starters for High School Students

If you are a high school student, then you can very well use any of the following conclusion starters that are suitable for concluding your essays.

  1. As a final point
  2. Hence, I have come to the conclusion
  3. The study concluded
  4. In effect
  5. To wrap it up
  6. After all the discussion
  7. Looking back
  8. In the future
  9. You should now consider
  10. The summative conclusion is that
  11. For the above-discussed reasons
  12. For the majority of the part
  13. Towards this end
  14. Last but not the least
  15. Without any doubt
  16. I agree that
  17. Now is the time to
  18. As per my viewpoint
  19. To review
  20. I hope by now you have understood that
  21. Altogether
  22. As mentioned above

Few Additional Conclusion Starters

The following are a few more ideas that have the power to hook the audience.

  1. It is my conviction that
  2. I look forward to
  3. The final take is that
  4. It is worth re-examining
  5. It is my sincere belief that
  6. I would like to say finally
  7. My verdict is that
  8. Meanwhile
  9. Instead of
  10. That is why I think
  11. As expressed
  12. To end it up
  13. On the contrary
  14. So finally it can be stated
  15. Henceforth
  16. Thus it would be worth
  17. Thereby attention should be given towards
  18. Indeed
  19. Nevertheless
  20. One can conclude that
  21. Given these points
  22. In reaching a close
  23. In light of this data
  24. Keeping all this in mind
  25. What else can we conclude but this
  26. On considering all these facts
  27. When faced with the question
  28. On considering this condition from multiple approaches.
  29. The logical conclusion seems to be
  30. With results like this, it seems

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list of conclusion starter ideas recommended in this blog post will help you to prepare an impressive conclusion section. In case, you are unsure of how to create an effective conclusion using the conclusion sentence starters, reach out to us and take assignment writing help online. Especially, for offering you academic assistance, in our team, we have professional academic writers who are skilled enough to write essays, research papers, thesis, and dissertations on any subject topic with top-notch conclusion statements.

To make use of our assignment writing services, simply send your requirements to us through the order form. According to the guidelines you have shared with us, our assignment helper will prepare and dispatch the best plagiarism-free academic paper to you on time at a reasonable price.

Without any hesitation, just book your order to earn more scholastic benefits.

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