2754 Unique Salon Names (Hair, Beauty, Barbershop, Spa, Nail) (2023)

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Are you searching for unique salon name ideas for your barbershop, beauty, or spa business?

Then you’re in the right spot.

This article is packed with beauty salon names that are inspired by everything from elven emporia to french salons. You’ll discover various catchy salon names — grand names for the high-end salon and fun nicknames for the one with character.

For salon-owners, coming up with a name that reflects your brand, grabs attention, and has longevity is challenging.

Ever come up with a cool new name for your beauty salon, only to realize that thousands of others are already using this name? It doesn’t have to be an easy-to-use name. If you’re smart, you can come up with a unique name.

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2754 Unique Salon Names (Hair, Beauty, Barbershop, Spa, Nail) (2)

Now let´s start going through the collection of beauty salon names.

  1. Best Hair Salon Names Ideas
  2. Truly Unique Tanning Salon Names

1. Best Hair Salon Names Ideas

Here is a complete list of hair salon names – classy hair salon names for the high-end salon as well as fun and quirky hair salon names for the hairdressing salon with character.

Unique Hair Salon Names. There’s no other salon like yours. Embrace this. And bring it to life in your hair salon’s name.

  • Pearson Hair Salon (simply using your name)
  • Salon New England (where you’re from)
  • Salon Mudita (Sanskrit – taking delight in the happiness of others joy)
  • Lautong Salon (Mandarin – a friendship between two girls for eternity)
  • Color & Curls (your hero service)
  • Solo Salon (if you’re an individual stylist)
  • Lagom Hair Lounge (Swedish – just the right amount)

Classy Hair Salon Names. To succeed in high-end salons’ competitive market, you must understand that luxury brands are very different from “regular brands.” They have a deeper meaning and stand for something beyond just being a hair salon.

  • Stylette
  • Chapeaux
  • Beautello
  • Mirrored
  • Blush
  • Salon Opal
  • The Hive

Creative Hair Salon Names.

  • Salon Iridescent
  • Imagine
  • Mirage
  • Creato
  • Dreams
  • Fantasy

French Hair Salon Names are classic or stylish no matter the style of your salon.

  • Salon Bisou (kiss)
  • Le Salon
  • Salon Étoile (star)
  • Magnifique
  • Salon Soleil (sun)
  • Atelier de Julien (or your name)
  • Salon Paris

Funny & Clever Hair Salon Names can evoke a positive emotion in the customer and be memorable.

  • Cutting Edge
  • Head Office
  • Shortcuts
  • Dying for Color
  • Dye Hard
  • Upper Cuts
  • Ahead of Time

Catchy Hair Salon Names that are memorable without necessarily employing humor.

  • Strands
  • The Colorist
  • A Cut Above
  • The Assembly
  • Style Citizen
  • Buzz & Bangs
  • Eclipse

Cool Hair Salon Names. If you’re tired of using generic, everyday-type hair salon names.

  • Halo Hair
  • Rusty Blade
  • Style Street Salon
  • The Hair Project
  • Cool Cutz
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • Rebel Rebel

Cute Hair Salon Names. Perfect as Kids Hair Salon Names.

  • Salon Gigil
  • Cute Cut
  • Bubbles
  • Mon Petit Hair
  • Pixie
  • Blossom
  • Pink me up

Barber Shop Names. It’s quite common that barbers also have personal nicknames.

  • Cut ‘N’ Shave
  • Clippers & Cutters
  • Papa Bear
  • Straight Razor
  • Lookin’ Sharp
  • Blades
  • Mustache Man

Hair Salon Names in Italian. Italian names carry an added touch of luxury.

  • Bellissimo (beautiful)
  • Sprezzatura (effortless elegance)
  • Crepuscolo Salon (twilight)
  • Mamma Mia Salon (used to express excitement)
  • Salon Figurati (imagine)
  • Salon Capelli (hair)
  • Salon Sorellina (little sister)

Hair Salon Names in Spanish are a little more laid back than Italian and French names.

  • Corte (cut)
  • Bella Vida (the good life)
  • A Capas (in layers)
  • Salon Dorado (golden)
  • Estilo Salon (style)
  • Brillo Hair (shine)
  • Cabeza (head)

Elegant Hair Salon Names. It must be simple yet elegant and have that “high-end” feel.

  • Aurora (dawn)
  • Marvel
  • Salon Nobel
  • Ethereal (extremely delicate, light, not of this world)
  • Bright Lux Salon
  • Genesis Salon
  • Air Beauty

Vintage Hair Salon Names. A sure sign of great taste.

  • Epoch (a particular period of time in history or a person’s life)
  • Rocking Reds
  • Oh La La Salon
  • Blue Moon
  • Salon Dolly
  • Glam Central
  • Ruby’s Reds

Trendy Hair Salon Names. From edgy haircuts to innovative hairstyles, your clients will naturally seek you out for your expertise.

  • Salon Catwalk
  • Vegan Society
  • Planet Hair
  • No Footprint
  • Salon IRL (in real life)
  • #salon
  • Salon Couture

Hair & Beauty Salon Names. A good idea is to just pick one of the generic names in the list and add “Hair & Beauty”

  • Salon You
  • Salon Destination
  • The Beauty Experts
  • The Getaway
  • Glamour
  • The Beauty Spot
  • Perfecta

Hair & Nail Salon Names. It’s a good idea to use a name that conveys both services.

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  • Everything Color
  • Say it with Color
  • Hair & Nail Bar
  • Hair & Nail Lab
  • Blush Beauty Bar
  • Hand & Head
  • Your Hair & Nails

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2. Unique & Cool Barbershop Names + Barber Nicknames

Here is a list of some barbershop name ideas to inspire you when coming up with your name. You’ll find cool, unique, funny, and creative names for your shop, as well as some barber nicknames in case you’re looking to create a personal brand.

Cool Barbershop Names are an excellent alternative to traditional, boring names. They are geared towards men who want to feel more manly while still being a little bit edgy and quirky.

  • Straight Razors
  • Muscle Cuts
  • Bulls & Barbers
  • Bad Company
  • Sideburns
  • Urban Shave
  • Backyard Barbers

Unique Barbershop Names. A unique name can take many forms – a street moniker, school nickname, or inspiration from any place or person.

  • Barberia
  • Salon Zeppelin
  • The Humble Barber
  • Brooklyn Barbers
  • Salty Barber
  • Manly and Sons Barber Co.
  • Barber Republic

Funny Barbershop Names. Fun names are typically more memorable than boring ones and help make the shop seem warm and inviting.

  • The Comb Over
  • The Mustache Man
  • Upper Cuts
  • Twisted Scissors
  • Blind Barber
  • Barberhood
  • Bold Barber

Catchy Barbershop Names. By using rimes and words that fit well together, you can achieve a catchy name that people won’t forget.

  • Brilliant Barbers
  • The Shave Cave
  • Barber Boss
  • Barber Blaze
  • Bonjour Barber
  • Backbone Barber
  • Bow Barbers

Clever Barbershop Names. To achieve a clever barbershop name, you can use names of tools you use, barber cut names, or techniques to symbolize your salon brand.

  • Just Blade
  • Foam & Blade
  • Giant Barber
  • Dandy
  • Sharp Barber
  • Layered Barber
  • Barber Express

Creative Barbershop Names. Your customers cannot help but appreciate a creative barbershop name that makes them feel like they’re part of something truly unique and hip.

  • The Art of Grooming
  • The Renaissance Barbershop
  • Gentiq
  • Groomify
  • Bendway Barber
  • Cut Creations
  • Brotherhood Barbershop

Classy & Elegant Barbershop Names. I’ve noticed that luxury brands are different from ordinary brands. They’re special and have a higher purpose. These brands don’t exist to cut hair or shave beards. Instead, they have a strong, bigger purpose.

  • Barberazza
  • Cavanio
  • Girolo
  • Manolo
  • Totem
  • Umbra
  • Monk

Classic, Vintage & Old School Barbershop Names. Here I wanted to select some timeless names that signal that a shop has a history and legacy in the business.

  • The Classic Cut
  • Old Fashioned Barber
  • Gentlemen’s Grooming
  • One-Stop Barber
  • Nobel Barber
  • Epoch
  • Knights Gather

Barber Nicknames are a perfect place to display an innovative and witty point of view.

  • King Cut
  • Gunner
  • Chief
  • Fox
  • Papa
  • Cobra
  • Razor

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3. Creative & Unique Nail Salon Names

This is where you can find the best nail salon names for your brand. For each idea, I’ve listed the most popular options right now as well as the addition of unique, unheard-of names.

To help you find the name that works best for your business, I’ve broken them down into unique, creative, funny, catchy, classy & fancy, cool & funky, and more.

Unique Nail Salon Names

A unique beauty salon name is one that is easy to remember and can describe you and your salon. Achieving a unique but descriptive name that matches your salon’s story and personality is not easy. Try to avoid cliche words and think fresh.

  • Komorebi Nails (if you have Japanese heritage or salon focus – meaning sunlight filtering through trees)
  • At Lisas (or your name)
  • Tsundoko Nails (Japanese – the act of buying books and leaving them unread)
  • Confident Nails (if your mission is to give confidence)
  • Cut Costs (if your focus is a low price)
  • Nail Embasan (Maguindanao/Philippines – to wear clothes while taking a bath)

Creative Nail Salon Names

If you’re a creative nail artist, you should use a business name representing your artistic vision. People come to you for nail art trends and inspiration, and you want your name to symbolize that. I’ve tried to use wording associated with creativity to bring this feeling of excitement to the name.

  • Nail Rituals
  • Creative Nails
  • Brush & Strokes
  • Nail Spectrum
  • Picasso Nails
  • Creativity Nails
  • Gifted with Nails

Funny Nail Salon Names

A funny nail salon name is more memorable than any other name. It evokes emotion and sends a signal of care and class.

Having a name that’s funny or original instantly makes you more approachable. It signals that you’re not taking life too seriously and people like that.

A fun name refers to you as an individual and offers proof that your business is unique, playful, and interesting.

  • Nailed it!
  • Phenomenail
  • Posh & Polished
  • Holy Nails!
  • Red in Bed Nail Salon
  • Under the Lamp
  • Pink me up

Catchy Nail Salon Names

Using funny salon names is not the only way to make your name memorable. You can also make your name memorable with rhimes and phrases. The best way to achieve this is by sticking with short, easy-to-remember words.

Using a catchy name like the following is a way of staying away from humor to make your name memorable.

  • Paintbox
  • Shiny Shots
  • Nail Epoch
  • Runway Nails
  • Rocking Reds
  • Barbie Boutique
  • Nailology

Classy & Fancy Nail Salon Names

High-end nail salons are a different kind of business. They naturally place much more importance on their image and branding than other types of nail shops.

Because of this, you must develop a unique name and identity that will make an impression and set you apart from your competition.

  • Divaza Nails
  • Salonvio Nails
  • Nail Salon Grande
  • Salon Zephyr
  • Platinum Nails
  • Eternity Nails
  • Air Nails

Funky & Cool Nail Salon Names

It’s easy to get stuck with a cliché name in the nail salon business. If you run a trendy and edgy nail salon, try to break free from that and use funky or bizarre words in your name. Words that symbolize your brand.

  • Samurai Nails
  • The Nail Project
  • The One & Only
  • Nail Republic
  • Nail Oblivion
  • Knockout Nails
  • The Nail Hive

Cute Nail Salon Names

Maybe the cool nail salon names weren’t at all for you. Maybe cute nail salon names are the solution! They are adorable and fun to say. Those cute nail salon names can help you create an identity for your simple and distinctive business.

  • Nail Bubbles
  • Nail Tingle
  • Mon Petit Nogle
  • Bliss Nails
  • Coco Nails
  • Nail Flaunt
  • Pixie Nails

French Nail Salon Names

A French beauty salon name might give your nail salon a classy feel.

  • Boudoir Nails
  • Salon Femme
  • Elle Nails
  • Bon Nails
  • Nail Adore
  • Femelle Nails

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4. Unique & Creative Massage Business Names

Have you named your massage business? Do you have a name that’s sure to attract new clients?

A clever or cool name can subtly advertise the vibe of your business. A classy name can help potential clients know that your massage business is professional but also relaxed.

Unique Massage Business Name Ideas. Choosing a unique name will let people know that your massage therapy business does things differently.

  • Vivify Massage
  • Silent Serenity Massage Parlor
  • Essence of Massage
  • Mountain Air Massage
  • Zone of Zen
  • Moon Walk Massage
  • Breath of Life Massage

Creative Massage Business Names. Consider choosing a name with an artsy flair that’s calm and relaxing to symbolize the creativity you offer with your massage therapy style.

  • Masterpiece Massage
  • Font of Life Massage
  • Massage Heaven
  • Enigma Massage
  • Transfer of Energy Massage
  • Full Moon Massage
  • Chi Massage (chi is breath or energy)

Catchy Massage Business Names. The right massage therapy name can do all the advertising for you. Try choosing a play on words or a catchphrase that’s both fun to say and to see.

  • The Zen Den
  • Bountiful Breaths Massage
  • Tender Time Massage
  • Holy Touch Massage Therapy
  • Pure Peace Massage
  • Free to Be Massage Therapy
  • Let’s Relax! Massage Therapy

Funny Massage Business Names. If a relaxed massage therapy business is your goal, then check out these funny examples for names below!

  • Under Pressure
  • Bring It Back Massage Therapy
  • Apply Pressure Here Massage
  • Stay In Touch Massage Therapy
  • Pass the Peace Massage Therapy
  • Dazed and Confused Massage Therapy
  • Snap! Massage

Massage Spa Names. Going in the direction of a spa is also a good choice for a massage therapy business to attract higher-end clientele. A good spa name pairs well with words that show elegance and class.

  • Jade Massage Spa
  • Spa Magique
  • Renewal Massage Spa
  • Royalty Massage Spa
  • Oasis Spa
  • Luminance Spa
  • The Rose Garden Massage Spa

Mobile Massage Business Names. A good name for a mobile massage business should go well with being mobile or on the go, to differentiate yourself from a brick and mortar massage therapy business.

  • Calm Mobile Massage
  • Massage 2 You
  • Help You Out Mobile Massage
  • On-Time Mobile Massage
  • Traveling Hands Mobile Massage
  • Pillar of Peace Mobile Massage
  • Domestic Bliss Mobile Massage

Cool Massage Business Names. Maybe you’re opening a massage therapy business that wants to be hip.Many people get massages to feel like they’re treating themselves and want to go to the newest massage business that’s all the rage.

  • Good Vibrations Massage Therapy (after the song)
  • Karma Massage
  • Massage Alchemy
  • The Peacekeepers Massage Therapy
  • Chill Massage Parlor
  • Repose Massage
  • The Alchemist’s Stone Massage

Clever Massage Business Names. A clever name will convey your skills, and clients will know that they can expect excellent service if they choose your massage company.

  • Touch of Magic Massage Therapy
  • Zero Gravity Massage
  • Rollover Massage Therapy
  • Sky High Massage
  • The Right Touch Massage Therapy
  • Peaceful Warriors Massage Therapy
  • Afternoon Delight Massage Therapy

Cute Massage Business Names. Try adding the word “parlor” tosomething simple and sweet. A cute massage-inspired name with parlor will come across as endearing and welcoming to just about everyone.

  • Hello Sunshine Massage Parlor
  • The Pampered Parlor
  • Fairytales Massage Parlor
  • Lucky Charm Massage Therapy
  • Endless Comfort Massage Parlor
  • Carefree Massage Therapy
  • Angel Massage Parlor

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5. Cool Tattoo Shop & Artist Names for Parlors

The thing to remember about tattoos is that they are a way of expressing yourself, which often has a certain cache.

The name your tattoo studio chooses for itself needs to be subtle, clever, and buzzworthy if it’s going to attract customers who choose tattoos.

After all, your tattoo studio first and foremost wants repeat customers. You’ll also get some ideas for tattoo artist nicknames to build your personal brand.

Cool Tattoo Shop Names. When you think of someone with tattoos, do you imagine someone hip, trendy, and edgy with ink? Well, why not choose a cool name!

  • Rocksteady Tattoo Parlor
  • Tiger Tattoos
  • Tattoo Nation
  • Edge of Insanity Tattoo
  • Rolling Thunder Tattoo Shop
  • Diablo Tattoo Studio
  • Saints & Sinners Tattoo Shop

Unique Tattoo Shop Names. A unique name serves as its own advertisement. People are more likely to remember a uniquely named tattoo shop even if they aren’t ready to get a tattoo at the time.

  • Half Moon Tattoo Shop
  • Sacrilege Tattoo Shop
  • 1st Edition Ink
  • Covert Ink
  • Homegrown Ink
  • The Ink Factor
  • Into the Void Ink

Vintage Tattoo Shop Names. Choose words or phrases that reference the past. Think about other time periods and cultures that were known for having tattoos.

  • Pinup Tattoo Parlor
  • Soulful Ink
  • Casablanca Ink
  • Medusa Tattoos
  • Primordial Art Tattoo Parlor
  • Samurai Ink
  • Anchors Away Tattoo Studio

Funny Tattoo Shop Names. Choosing a funny name can help set you apart from other tattoo studios that are pompous or intimidating.

  • Got Ink?
  • Marked
  • Inkaholics
  • Not Your Mother’s Tattoo Parlor
  • Blindman Tattoo
  • Get Your Ink On
  • X Marks the Spot

Catchy Tattoo Shop Names. Try choosing a play on words or a catchphrase that’s both fun to say and to see.

  • Pain & Patience Tattoo Shop
  • Everlasting Ink
  • Once Upon a Tattoo
  • Skin Shakers Tattoo Shop
  • The Tattoo Tribe
  • Snazzy Tatts
  • Affliction Ink

Clever Tattoo Shop Names. Do you want a clever name for your tattoo shop that leaves no doubt in people’s minds that you’re the best at what you do? Choosing something clever can do the job.

  • Ink Masters
  • Eye of the Needle
  • Body Architects
  • Garden of Eden Tattoo Parlor
  • Third Eye Tattoo
  • Needle Grind Ink
  • Body Murals

Creative Tattoo Shop Names. A creative name is sure to attract the customers who are looking for a one of a kind tattoo. Think about using words that refer to colors, materials, and techniques used in art.

  • Dreaming of Ink
  • Sea of Color Tattoo Shop
  • Art of Ink
  • Blackout Tattoo
  • Spirit World Tattoo
  • Eternal Art Tattoo Shop
  • Luminary Ink

Classic Tattoo Shop Names. Think about what comes to mind when one thinks of a tattoo. Words and phrases that play on parties, music, cars, guns, edgy phrases, and tribal images are some ideas to consider for a classic aesthetic.

  • Tattoo Masters
  • Black Dragon Tattoo Parlor
  • Sunset Tattoo Studio
  • Bad Boys Tattoo Shop
  • Kool Katz Tattoo Parlor
  • Death or Glory Tattoos
  • Ready to Rock Tattoo Studio

Good Tattoo Shop Names. Choosing something good and simple is a great idea when you want to appeal to most people. A good name should come across as welcoming yet representative of a tattoo parlor.

  • Infinite Ink Tattoos
  • Cosmic Tattoo
  • Empire Tattoo Studio
  • Carpe Diem Ink (Latin for seizing the day)
  • Paramount Tattoo
  • Tattoo Utopia
  • Octane Tattoo

Tattoo Artist Nicknames. A name for your persona as a tattoo artist is paramount to your reputation. Having a nickname sets you apart from other tattoo artists and promotes the image that you are ahead of the curve and more experienced than others.

  • Professor Tattoo
  • Captain Ink
  • The Pain Doctor
  • The Ink Doctor
  • The Ink Scribe
  • Mad Dog
  • Grandpa

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6. Unique & Classy Hair Salon Names for the High-End Beauty Salon

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that a good name for your salon is important. It’s the first thing people hear when they learn about your business. It’s also crucial if you’re planning to open a high-end, classy hair salon. Although different rules apply to luxury boutique salons and premium brands, I have seen many businesses get their beauty salon names wrong.

Classy Hair Salon Name Ideas. Consider unisex salon names as that’s typically what works best as a high-end and classy salon name.

  • Fiocchi
  • Chapeaux
  • Salonvio
  • The Studio
  • Pure Salon
  • Bon
  • Adore
  • Elle

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7. Truly Unique Tanning Salon Names (Creative & Catchy)

Do you want some tanning salon naming ideas? If so, you’ve just found them. I’ll show you a tanning salon name list that is packed with good tanning salon names for you to choose from. I’ll cover both mobile spray tan business names and regular tanning salon names that are catchy, creative, funny, and unique.

Unique Tanning Salon Names. Tanning salons have always been popular, and with the rise of spray tans, they aren’t going away anywhere soon. There will most likely be others in your area so it’s important to consider a unique name.

  • The House of Sun
  • Gold Bar Tan
  • The Sandbar
  • Setting Sun Salon
  • Supreme Sun
  • The Golden Gates
  • Paradise Tan

Catchy Tanning Salon Names. Try choosing a play on words or a catchphrase that’s not only fun to say but fun to see.

  • Tropic Touch
  • Sunset Salon
  • Bahama Mama
  • Hawaiian Sun
  • Sun Beach Tan
  • Rio Tan
  • Venus Tan

Creative Tanning Salon Names. Are you still looking for a different type of name to represent your tanning salon? Perhaps you are a salon owner who wishes to show their artistic side.

  • Painted with Sun
  • A Brush of Sun
  • Shimmer & Glow
  • Bronze Life
  • Color it with Sun
  • The Sun Studio
  • Sun Spectrum

Funny Tanning Salon Names. A name that makes people smile is a great way to show that your salon is approachable

  • Sunny-Side Up Tanning Salon
  • Sunny Express
  • Tutti Frutti Tanning Salon (like the song)
  • Sun Addicts
  • Sandy Buns Tanning Salon
  • Tan-on Salon
  • Beach Bums

Classy Tanning Salon Names. Many people want to feel like they are being pampered when they go to the tanning salon. A classy name can let clients know these are the services you offer.

  • Sun Couture
  • Le Petit Soleil (French for the little sun)
  • Radiance
  • Coco Bronze
  • Sun Majesty
  • Tan Palace
  • Ibiza Tan

Mobile Spray Tan Business Names. A good name for a mobile spray tan business should flow naturally with mobile or spray to differentiate yourself from a traditional tanning salon.

  • Glow on the Go
  • Tans to Go
  • Gold on the Go
  • Sun-Kissed Spray Tans
  • On-Call Tans
  • The Tan Taxi
  • Sunside Service

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8. Truly Unique Spa Names for 2021 (Day & Med Spa)

Identifying your own unique spa name is quite a task. But you can simplify it by thinking through what you offer in the salon.

What is your strongest service? Is there anything you do better than other spas? Perhaps you offer a higher-end aesthetic with a salon feel or a spa aesthetic that looks like somebody’s house. If so, consider using your name as the name of your business.

Unique Spa Names. Many spa words have been watered out, overused, and kind of lost their meaning. You want your spa name to be unique, right?

I’ll show you both day spa names and medical spa names so that you can find something that truly fits your business.

  • Davinci Spa
  • Thrive Spa
  • Purpose Spa
  • Beliefs Spa
  • Active Spa
  • Absolute Spa
  • The Ark

Creative Spa Names. I have noticed that many spa business names are a bit stale. In this instance, you need to create a unique name that will help consumers easily remember your services.

  • Eden Spa
  • Wildflower Spa
  • Spa Saga
  • Spa Renew
  • Imagine
  • Spa Innovation
  • Mirage Spa

Catchy Spa Names. Not only does it sound nice with a catchy spa business name, but it also makes it more memorable.

  • Body Butter Spa
  • Luscious Lather
  • Lush Life Spa
  • Salt Sea Spa
  • Beauty Bomb Spa
  • Thermal Thoughts
  • Float & Fly Spa

Clever & Funny Spa Names. Humour is powerful. It drives emotion. And we tend to remember things that we associate with an emotion better.

  • Nature’s Tub
  • Pit Stop Spa
  • Mean Steam Spa
  • Hot Pot Spa
  • Don’t Stop Spa
  • Face Down Massage
  • The Towel

Cool Spa Names. Cool names simply fit some spas better.

  • Vibes
  • Urban Unwind
  • The Raven Spa
  • Mojo Spa
  • Nirvana
  • Dawn
  • Empower Spa

Relaxing Spa Names. Given this is one of the most sought benefits your spa provides, it’s a smart idea to let it transcend into your spa name as well.

  • Body and Mind
  • Waves
  • Chill Out Spa
  • Drift Spa
  • Sunset Spa
  • Horizon Spa
  • Still Water Spa

Cute Spa Names. Do you have a cute spa corner in your salon? Or maybe just a small spa parlor that you’re looking for a cute salon name for?

  • Pink Spa
  • Le Petit Spa
  • The Little Spa
  • Fairytale Spa
  • Apollo Spa
  • Orchid Spa
  • Candle Spa

Classy & Elegant Spa Names. Just think of any luxury brand that you like. I’m sure that the name either represents the brand’s founder or another reason why the brand exists. Just think of Chanel, Hugo Boss, Prada, Hermes – they all have this in common.

  • Nina & Nosh (founders names)
  • Premiere Spa
  • Grand Retreat
  • Crown Spa
  • Glamour Spa
  • Elite Retreat
  • Luxe Spa

Medical Spa Names. Services offered at a medical spa typically requires a licensed esthetician or therapist. New clients are therefore often more concerned with the credibility of the medical spa than a day spa. If you run a medi spa, it’s smart to use words in the names that sound credible.

  • The Skin Clinic
  • Trusted Touch
  • Skin Research Spa
  • The Science of Beauty Spa
  • New York Spa
  • Health & Hygiene Spa
  • The Therapists Spa

Day Spa Names. I also include skincare business name ideas, waxing business name ideas, and massage business name ideas, which are common spa corner names.

  • Wonder Skin
  • Face Spa
  • Instant Spa
  • Glow Day
  • Harmony Day Spa
  • Blue Moon Spa
  • Local Lush Spa

Spa Names in French. The French language is strongly associated with luxury brands and experiences, making it a great option for the high-end spa salon.

  • Grande Spa
  • BonBon
  • Le Posh
  • Soleil Spa (sun)
  • Spa Magnifique
  • Atelier de Hannah (or your name)
  • Spa Boutique

Spa Names in Italian. Another country associated with premium fashion brands is Italy. This makes Italian spa names another good option for you.

  • Spa Bellissimo
  • Figurati Spa (imagine)
  • Allora Spa
  • Daje Spa
  • Azurro Spa (blue)
  • Bella Spa
  • Lucciola Spa (firefly)

List of Spanish Spa Names. Although Spain and Latin America are not known for high-end brands as Italy and France, the Spanish language is a good source of inspiration for unique spa names.

  • Baño Spa (bath)
  • Barro Spa (mud)
  • Brillo Spa (shine)
  • Dorado Spa (golden)
  • Estilo Spa (style)
  • Spa Vivir (to live)
  • Caricia Spa (caress)

For more ideas, browse my list of

10. Unique Esthetician Business Names (Creative & Catchy)

Are you looking for a name for your new spa or esthetician franchise? Here’s a list of my favorite names that are sure to be a hit. Most of them are straightforward, easy to remember, and authentic. A few are funny, unique, and creative, making great names for your cosmetic and spa business.

Catchy Skin Care Business Names. The right name can do all the advertising for you. You can do this by choosing something that will stick with potential clients that come across your esthetician business name.

  • Beauty Aesthetics
  • The Vanity
  • Sparkle Skin
  • Baby Face
  • Skinsations
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Morning Glow Skin

Unique Esthetician Business Names. A great way to develop your unique aesthetic name is to think through what your business offers. What are your hero services, and do you have something in your menu different from other spas?

  • Viva La Skin
  • True Skin
  • Moon Skin
  • Fearless Skin
  • Skin Enhance
  • Over the Rainbow Aesthetics
  • Chamomile Skin

Relaxing Esthetician Business Names. Employing a sense of relaxation in your esthetician business name can help you bring that calm feeling across to your clients.

  • SkinIQ
  • Enhanced Esthetics
  • The Oasis
  • Aurora Aesthetics
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Botanic Skin
  • Calm Winds Aesthetic

Med Spa Names. Medical spas and medical estheticians are a growing area of aesthetics. With the onset of new technology and procedures, many esthetician businesses focus on the medical aspect of their spa.

  • Healing Ways
  • Smart Skin
  • Hybrid Esthetics
  • Derma Future Skin
  • Infinite Skin Spa
  • Vivify Skin Spa
  • Skin Organix

Classy Spa Names & Esthetician Business Names. Do you run a high-end luxury skin care spa? Then you probably want to avoid the funny aesthetic names and instead go for a more elegant and classy skin care salon name.

  • Coco Esthetics
  • Rose Skin
  • Luxe Skin
  • Glisten
  • Aesthetique
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Lush Aesthetics

Clever Esthetician Business Names. What’s more memorable than a catchy skin care name? A clever skin care spa name.

  • Skin Deep
  • Wise Aesthetics
  • Process Aesthetics
  • Zero Gravity Aesthetics
  • Bewitched Aesthetics
  • Film Ready Aesthetics
  • Regeneration

Creative Esthetician Business Names. Are you still looking for a different type of name to represent your skin care salon? Perhaps you are an esthetician who wishes to show their artistic side.

  • Wildflower Aesthetics
  • Cedar House Spa
  • Planet Skin
  • Nirvana Aesthetics
  • Elemental Aesthetics
  • Sinful Skin
  • Fire & Ice Aesthetics

Good Esthetician Business Names. A great way to come up with a good aesthetic name is by asking yourself, “What makes our business truly unique?” What are our best services, and can we share a hero product that is different from other spas?

  • Garden of Paradise
  • Future Aesthetics
  • Eden Skin
  • Lucky Charm Aesthetics
  • Exquisite Aesthetics
  • Happy Skin
  • Years Younge

Natural Skin Care Business Names. The image of a natural skin care spa is soft sounds, pleasant scents, dim lights, and above all: relaxation.

  • Jade Esthetics
  • Gemstone Aesthetics
  • Timeless Skin
  • Gratitude Aesthetics
  • Yin & Yang Skin
  • Mint Aesthetics
  • Seaside Skin

For more ideas, browse my list of

Conclusion + A Free Beauty Salon Naming Guide

Your name is at the heart of your brand. It’s an exceptionally significant branding decision that will set the tone for all you do.

Look at the following questions:

  • Does the name reflect you and your salon business?
  • Is it easy to spell and pronounce?
  • Does it make sense that it is a salon business?
  • See if you can easily get a domain name by checking out the availability of a few popular internet domains.

Avoid the common mistakes when picking your business name

I've put together a free guide for you to download. You can use this workbook to learn how to select the best beauty salon name for you. It’s easy to follow and covers all the steps you need to know to ensure the name you pick will be a success.2754 Unique Salon Names (Hair, Beauty, Barbershop, Spa, Nail) (12)

Get the Free Naming Guide

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What is good name for nail salon? ›

Here are some examples using these salon naming tips
Mani-Pedi StudioNail PadNail Spot
Nail InnCouture CorralDive Nail Bar
Manicure MansionNail PalaceNail Parlor
Nail Art GalleryNail ShowroomHall of Nails
Boutique of BeautyNail MillManicure Emporium
1 more row

How do you name a hair salon? ›

Tips for Creating Catchy Salon Business Name Ideas

If you want to create catchy, engaging salon business name ideas, it's a good idea to make use of powerful key words, such as beauty, beautiful, pretty, glam, trend, style, and so on.

What name can I give my hair business? ›

Below are some catchy and creative hair business names for your new business; let's take a look.
  • The Hair Confidante.
  • Richy Hair.
  • Capital Hair.
  • The Designer Hair Company.
  • Hair Wonders.
  • Lush Hairs.
  • Hot Hair Pieces.
  • Fabulous Hair.
Jan 24, 2022

How do I create a nail business name? ›

Think of catchy adjectives (e.g., classy, dazzling, cute, etc.) that would describe your nail salon and the types of products offered to derive inspiration. Experiment with other branding and brainstorming techniques since the perfect brand name will set you apart from the competition.

What is another name for barbing saloon? ›

(US) A salon where hairdressers. A shop that provides hairdressing. Find another word for barber-shop. In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for barber-shop, like: tonsorium, tonsorial parlor, beauty-parlor, beauty-shop, styling salon and beauty-salon.

What is the professional name for a nail technician? ›

What is a Manicurist? "Manicurist" is sometimes used interchangeably with "nail technician." Like nail technicians, manicurists are licensed professionals. Most states reuire nail technicians to pass an exam and complete a training program, 'apprenticeship, or both.

How do you say nail in different languages? ›

In other languages nail
  1. American English: nail /ˈneɪl/
  2. Arabic: مِسْمَارٌ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: prego.
  4. Chinese: 指甲
  5. Croatian: čavao.
  6. Czech: hřebík.
  7. Danish: søm.
  8. Dutch: spijker.

What is a good name for hair products? ›

Catchy hair product line name ideas
  • PURE check availability.
  • Chic & Shiny check availability.
  • HairFuel check availability.
  • Wingz check availability.
  • Honeycomb Beauty check availability.
  • Playa Club check availability.
  • The Velvet Wave check availability.
  • Chaleur check availability.
May 13, 2021

What are hairstyles called? ›

A hairstyle, hairdo, haircut or coiffure refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human scalp. Sometimes, this could also mean an editing of facial or body hair.

What's another word for hair salon? ›

What is another word for hair salon?
hairdressing salonbeauty salon
beauty parlorsalon de beaute
styling salonbarber

How do I start my own hair business? ›

If you want to become a supplier of human hair, there are several things you should consider before launching your business.
  1. Research Your Products. ...
  2. Pick a Venue. ...
  3. Set Up Wholesale Accounts. ...
  4. Provide Customer Incentives. ...
  5. Sell Accessory Supplies. ...
  6. Offer Discounts to Repeat Customers. ...
  7. Promote Your Business.

What name can I give my spa? ›

50 cool spa names you are here for
  • Body and Soul spa.
  • Queen of the day.
  • One Massage Away.
  • Free Mind spa.
  • Inner Beauty spa.
  • Purity.
  • Cascade.
  • Your glow day.
Aug 21, 2020

What is another name for spa? ›

What is another word for spa?
hot tubplunge pool
plunge bathsauna bath
Turkish bathwhirlpool bath
12 more rows

How would you describe a luxury spa? ›

A luxury spa experience should do more than just pamper your body. It should indulge all of your senses and restore your well-being. A luxury spa experience is an escape from the stresses of a busy lifestyle and provides the opportunity of self-renewal.

How do you make up a name? ›

13 Strategies to Create Character Names
  1. Pick a One Word Name.
  2. Go Wild With Humor.
  3. Make the Name Match.
  4. Reverse the First and Last Name.
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  6. Use Your Name.
  7. Use an Anagram Generator.
  8. Add a Prefix or Suffix.

How do I choose my nails? ›

Almond shaped nails tend to suit everyone. If you have short palms and short fingers. it's best to opt for rounded oval and almond shapes. For longer palms and fingers, consider dramatic stiletto or coffin (or ballerina) shaped styles.

How do you make a nail page on Instagram? ›

How To Market Your Nail Business Using Instagram with Ashley The ...

What is a female hairdresser called? ›

Technically, a hairdresser is the same as a hair stylist, although the term “hairdresser” is a bit out of fashion and was used primarily to refer to females.

How do you come up with a business name? ›

12 Tips For Naming Your Startup Business
  1. Avoid hard-to-spell names. ...
  2. Don't pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows. ...
  3. Conduct a thorough Internet search. ...
  4. Get the .com domain name. ...
  5. Use a name that conveys some meaning. ...
  6. Conduct a trademark search. ...
  7. Conduct a Secretary of State search.
Oct 23, 2016

Who dresses hair called? ›

hairdresser in American English

(ˈhɛərˌdresər) noun. 1. a person who arranges or cuts hair.

What is a hair person called? ›

A hairdresser is a person whose occupation is to cut or style hair in order to change or maintain a person's image. This is achieved using a combination of hair coloring, haircutting, and hair texturing techniques.

What is another word for haircut? ›

Synonyms of haircut
  • coiffure,
  • cut,
  • do,
  • hairdo,
  • hairstyle.

How do you create a unique name? ›

13 Strategies to Create Character Names
  1. Pick a One Word Name.
  2. Go Wild With Humor.
  3. Make the Name Match.
  4. Reverse the First and Last Name.
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  6. Use Your Name.
  7. Use an Anagram Generator.
  8. Add a Prefix or Suffix.

What is a good business name? ›

A good business name should embody the feeling of your brand. It should be memorable. It should remind your employees why you're doing what you're doing. You could pay a naming agency thousands of dollars to find a name that's new, on-trend, industry-relevant, memorable and untrademarked.

What is catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

How do you attract clients? ›

Every small business owner wants to attract new customers. Here are 10 time-tested ways to help you bring in “new blood.”
  1. Ask for referrals. ...
  2. Network. ...
  3. Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only. ...
  4. Re-contact old customers. ...
  5. Improve your website. ...
  6. Partner with complementary businesses. ...
  7. Promote your expertise.
Apr 6, 2017

How do salons attract customers? ›

24 salon marketing ideas to help get more clients
  1. Make your brand distinctive and unique. ...
  2. Utilise Instagram. ...
  3. Take photos and post them on social media. ...
  4. Start with Facebook if you're new to social. ...
  5. Know your brand and stick to its identity. ...
  6. Look at blogging opportunities. ...
  7. Run a competition.
Feb 13, 2020

How do I get more clients for spa? ›

10 Spa Marketing Ideas to Attract Regular Customers
  1. Make booking appointments easy.
  2. Offer discounts, giveaways, and specials through email marketing.
  3. Promote your business with social media marketing.
  4. Offer regular free self-care content on your blog.
  5. Promote testimonials on multiple online platforms.
Jan 7, 2021

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